Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Artisan Group

We all know how very difficult it can be to promote and market our handcrafted creations. Blogging, Facebooking, Tweeting, creating, taking pictures, writing the listing, SEO the list just goes on and on. Finding the correct platform to promote our wonderful creations can be so very frustrating. The time all these things take can be a serious drain on our creative spirit right?

I've decided to take a totally new direction to market my creations. Maybe it isn't for everyone, but I want to share The Artisan Group with you. It is a wonder, supportive group of Artisans and I am thrilled to be a member.

I am creating special Clutch Purses that will be included in a Celebrity Gift Lounge at the Primetime Emmy Awards in Beverly Hills this September. I am excited about having such wonderful exposure for my products!! It is a totally different group of people that will be seeing Delightful Stitches products. Of course, I will keep you all updated as I go through this process.

Thank God for Valerie and Nikki, the founders of The Artisan Group, they are always right there to help in anyway they can. All the members of this group are just super supportive.

They're looking for unique, talented Artisans to join the group. They are exclusive, and don't accept everyone that applies. If you feel your creations are the best of the best then why not apply to join the group? I'd love to see some of my Artfire friends join this group.

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